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  Kid Masterpieces: "The Sandwich" by Graham Russell
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Added: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
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Kid Masterpieces: "The Sandwich" by Graham Russell

New “Kid Masterpieces” Episode Every us on facebook: us on instagram: amazing children’s story read by legendary musician Graham Russell, whose most recent conquest is that of children’s and Produced by Bored Shorts TVFilmed and Edited by Ryan HaldemanVFX by Ryan HaldemanStarring:Graham RussellDirected by:Brett RobertsAuthor:Kate, age 6Keywords:kids kid clean comedy funny video fun entertaining hilarious Joke Laugh laughing appropriate entertainment children family humor humour lol random story stories storytelling “written by a kid” child son daughter mom dad Parents Silly tell telling little young toddler told made up make boys girls youth “make up” writing fairy tale fiction voices creators original book books read reading masterpiece literature graham russell air supply sandwich ham cheese bread

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