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  Katy Perry California Gurls Parody! Key of Awesome #22
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Added: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
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Katy Perry California Gurls Parody! Key of Awesome #22

Katy Perry California Gurls PARODY! Key of Awesome #22!Watch Behind the Scenes HERE!! the Comments Video HERE! LaDiDa on iTunes: ‘s YouTube Channel: ‘s voice = Sarah Gregory ()Snoops Voice = Mark Douglas ()Directed by Tom SmallSNOOP[Spoken] Greetings beotches. Take off your know a place where the girls are always meanerIf you ain’t rich, they’re goin’ nowhere near your wienerSippin’ Starbucks venti skinny mocha chai tea with foamDrivin’ Escalades while they’re texting and re-tweeting on i-phones KATYYou can try to approach us, but we’re all the same we don’t care what your name isWe’ll look at you for a second, but that’s just to make sure that you’re not famousCalifornia girls we’re unreliableNever worked a day in our livesHybrid Dogs in bags we leave em’ in the carDOGOWOWOWOWOWCalifornia girls we’re so predictableHottest bodies money can buySpray tanned silicone boobs are indestuctableBoing Boing Boing Boing BoingSNOOPSign your name on the dotted lineDon’t need brains if that ass is fineOnce you cross the BorderYou develop an eating disorderSell your soul, dance on the poleBang Charlie Sheen just for a roleNose jobs, tummy tucks These are the girls I like hang out withInflate your lips. Loose the hipsSee through shirts show off your nipsPaparazzi is everywhereOops forgot your underwear Katy my Lady, I’m all up onyaCus you’re representin’ CaliforniaBut you know I’d still be all up inyaEven if that ass was from VirginiaAnd you know that you can bet your buttThat I’d do girls from ConnecticutI could really fill my booty quotaBy bangin’ out ho’s from MinnesotaKATYCalifornia Girls we are so are desperateSold our souls for fortune and fameSoon we’ll look like Cher or Melanie GriffithOW OW OW OW AGHH”California Gurls” is so repetitiveAll Pop sounds exactly the same It’s the same beat from that other song that Kesha didOWOWOWOW –MORE BARELY:Subscribe!! the songs on iTunes!!’s Channel:’s us on us a voicemail1-(646)-827-2202Write us a letter!The Key of Box 23 New York, NY 10113

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