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  GTV- State of Alert - Israel style - (vpro backlight documentary)
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Added: Thursday, March 9th, 2017
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GTV- State of Alert - Israel style - (vpro backlight documentary)

GraazTVpresents GTV- State of Alert – Israel style – (vpro backlight documentary)
When it comes to security, Europe is still in a state of denial (Michal Marmary, Homeland Security Tel Aviv)Recent suicide attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Berlin have greatly increased focus on civilian safety in Europe. More and more, politicians, security experts and the media refer to Israel as a model of well-organized civilian security. Some even talk about the Israelisation of Europe. But what exactly is the Israeli security model? Can it be applied in Europe and what world view would our continent be importing along ith it?After the recent terror attacks in Europe, a golden age has dawned for Israeli businesses, with the export of security expertise and technology. Companies such as Radwin, Faception and Magal S-3 are now at the vanguard when it comes to camera surveillance, automated border control and facial recognition. But what kind of state of mind is Europe now importing into its police departments, security services and city authorities? What makes the Israeli model so characteristic and successful that the European authorities are getting so enthusiastic about it? And what are the consequences of applying such a model?Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2017. VPRO Backlight March 2017VPRO Documentary:Our globalized world causes societies, economies and cultures to seek a new balance. VPRO Documentary reflects on this with new features every week. We research subjects like politics, world economy, society and science with experts and try to grasp the essence of prominent trends and subscribe to our channel and we will be delighted to share our adventures with you!Visit additional youtube channels bij vpro broadcast:vpro Broadcast: Metropolis: Documentary: World Stories: Extra: VG (world music): 3voor12 (alternative music): 3voor12 extra (music stories): :Director: Nirit PeledEnglish, French and Spanish subtitles: and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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